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Article from Alexandria Town Crier September 2015

Xun Nian “Sidney” Zhang: Combining Chinese Culture and Western Art Click here








Meet the Artist:

Xun Nian Zhang was born in Shanghai, China in 1947. When he was thirteen year's old, he began attending the Shanghai Jing An Qu Youth Art school where he received rudimentary art training which was influenced by nineteenth century western academic teachings by Mr. Zhang Ming Yan from1960 to1962..

Zhang was ordered to be a farmer and construction worker from 1968 through 1980. During this time Zhang continued to study art by himself and his works were often selected to art exhibitions and published by art press in Shanghai.

Zhang worked as an art editor for Shanghai Xim Mine Evening News from 1981 to 1988.

In 1988, the Savannah College of Art and Design awarded a fellowship to Zhang allowing him to come to US and pursue M.F.A degree and he graduated in 1991

Zhang currently works in his Virginia studio.